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DUI Attorneys in Chicago, IL

Stop worrying about the search for DUI attorneys in Chicago and surrounding areas; and place the only phone call that you need to make to the Law Offices of Mark G. Bergal, LTD. As your DUI lawyer, Attorney Bergal will defend your DUI charge in order to obtain the best possible outcome. We will work to prevent any interruption in your driving privileges. Let us act as your DUI attorney when you are facing DUI Charges.

Acting as your DWI attorney, Mark G. Bergal works with you one-on-one and gives you his undivided attention. At our law firm, we work with clients from throughout Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, and Schaumberg, Illinois, and we provide the legal representation that you need to avoid conviction and reinstate your driving privileges.

Choose Mark G. Bergal as Your DUI Lawyer

As a former prosecutor, you can rest assured that with Attorney Bergel you will have an aggressive DUI lawyer who understands all the methods needed to effectively handle your DUI defense case.

Being charged with driving under the influence in Illinois can have serious consequences to your freedom, and your may loose your privileges to operate motor vehicles.

Drink & Handcuffs in Chicago, IL

A DWI Attorney Focused on Your Case

A DUI charge in Illinois is an class A misdemeanor punishable by jail time and heavy fines. Additionally your driving privileges will be in jeopardy following a Dui arrest. Therefore you need a experienced DWI attorney to defend you in court after you have been arrested for a DUI charge. Our law firm has more than a 20 years of experience in handling these types of cases.

Competent DWI Lawyer on Your Side

In addition to the criminal DUI charges facing you, you may also have a civil claim to reinstate your driving privileges due to a suspension associated with the arrest. Attorney Bergel is experienced in conducting hearings to reinstate your driving privileges.

Contact us today when you have been arrested for DUI charges. Our firm serves clients living throughout Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, and Schaumburg, Illinois.