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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chicago, IL

Combining the aggressive legal defense that you need with the compassionate personal care that you deserve, the staff at the Law Offices of Mark G. Bergal, LTD provides a total legal package when searching for criminal defense lawyers in Chicago, Illinois. At our law firm, we handle all types of criminal defense cases.

In addition, criminal defense lawyer Mark G. Bergal will you evaluate your case, and determine whether your constitutional rights have been violated.

As your criminal trial lawyer, he works one-on-one with you to determine the best approach to defend your case throughout the court process. Clients from Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, and Schaumburg, Illinois, know that they can count on Mark G. Bergal when they're looking for criminal defense lawyers in this area.

Handcuffs in Chicago, IL

Honest & Dependable Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you need a Chicago area criminal defense lawyer to stand up for your rights, Mark G. Bergal is the man for the job. He provides the personal attention his clients need to mount the best defense, In addition, when he acts as your criminal defense lawyer, he keeps you informed through every step of the legal process you can participate in your own defense.

Mark G. Bergal knows that the strength of the case against you, can be significantly influenced by any possible infringement on your rights by arresting officers and other members of the law enforcement. Our Law firm will make sure that police followed all proper procedures in conducting their investigation and effecting an arrest.

Criminal Trial Lawyer Fighting for Your Freedom

As your experienced criminal trial lawyer, Mark G. Bergal has a firm grasp on the Illinois criminal code, and he builds the proper defense.

Contact us today when you need a criminal trial lawyer to represent you. We provide criminal defense to clients living throughout Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, and Schaumburg, Illinois.